Monday, May 12, 2008

The Market Bag Pattern

Yes boys and girls the market bag crochet pattern is finally here. I am doing this pattern from memory so please bare with me if there are any mistakes. Remember this pattern is for personal use only and the products made from it cannot be sold online, however they can be sold at craft fairs.


7 oz for acrylic yarn ( you probably wont use it all but better to be safe)

G hook

Yarn needle

12 inch ruler
SLST slip stitch
R round
ST stitch
STS stitches

The Pattern

Chain 50
R1) SC in 2nd chain from hook and continue to the end of the chain, Do Not Turn, SC in the back loop of your base chain to the top, SLST in the first st and Chain 1

R 2-5) SC in each st all the way around and SLST into the first st and Chain 1.

R 6) This section will be the start of the mesh part of the bag. Chain 5, skip 3 SC and SC in the next ST. Repeat around. Your last SC should be right next to your first SC. I know this looks funny but don't worry about it. Chain 3

R 7-??) SC in the chain 5 space from the previous row. Chain 5 and SC in the next chain 5 space. Repeat this around. At this point you really don't have to worry about counting rounds anymore. Continue repeating the chain 5 and SC around until the mesh part of the bag measures 12 inches long.

R ??) Work 4 SC into the chain 5 space, repeat around. SLST into first SC.
Repeat R?? 5 more times. On last row SLST in last ST and finish off.
You can control how long or short, thick or thin you want the straps to be. I used a 12 inch long strap that was 7 SC wide. Once you have decided on your thickness and length you can begin.
SLST in the 14th SC from the side of the bag (LEAVE A LONG TAIL) and chain 1. TURN SC your desired strap width number, once number is reached turn. Repeat SC across to the other side. Repeat until your strap is your desired length. Finish off and leave a long tail for sewing. Using your yarn needle sew the strap on the other side of your bag. I triple stitched each SC into the other side of the bag for more security. Sew in you beginning tail in the same manner.
Repeat on the opposite side of the bag for your second handle.
If you find in error in my pattern please let me know. I winged it from memory so I didn't test it before posting it. Enjoy @-@


Crochet Diva said...

Oh, I love it... I'm in the middle of making one similar with a smaller mesh. I will definitely try making this one, tho, next time. :) BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

I just love your bag, really a neat idea.........going to make one for myself...Thank you very much for the pattern. It is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!