Saturday, November 8, 2008

Two more down

Muahahahaaaaaa yes I have finished 2 more characters. You might be wondering who they are well the answer is........The Mock Turtle and The Cheshire Cat but of course.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2 Down Tons To Go

So far I have finished 2 of my Alice Characters. The first was Humpty Dumpty. I'm not sure if I like the way he turned out. In the end I might fine tune him some but for now here he is.

The second character is The Madhatter. OMG I love him. I wrestled with the idea of giving him buck teeth but in the end decided not to. Some say he is not the Hatter without them but oh well to each his own.

The side view

Friday, July 4, 2008

Its a Note Pad

I was bored the other day and needed something to do. So I decided to make a little note pad for my friends hatchday. Here is my brief tutorial.


50 Sheets of paper (I used some old Monopoly money but any paper will do)

Clipboard (cut to match size of paper)

Rubber Cement

Craft Glue
Paper Binder Clips size small to medium

The Steps

1. Stack paper on top of clipboard.

2. Decide which end will be the top of the note pad. After deciding to keep everything nice and neato place the binding clips around the other 3 sides.

3. Apply a thin layer of rubber cement to the top of the pad and let dry. Repeat this 5 times.

4. Put a thick coat of craft glue on top of the rubber cement. Stand pad so the top is facing up and allow to dry overnight.
5. After pad dries completely you can now remove the binder clips.
There you have it one neato note pad.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Alice Quest

Alright I have decided to make an Alice in Wonderland crochet collection. I love lovvvvvvvvvvve the story. So I thought why not make so crochet patterns.

I made Allison oh about 5 months ago and ever since then I have been making a list of characters to made. My problem now is that I don't know who to start with. So I am asking for your help. I 'm posting my list and hopeful people will vote on who I should make.
The list:
the madhatter
the doormouse
the walrus
the carpenter
bread and butterflies
the march hare
tweddle dee and dum
the king of hearts
the queen of hearts
cheshire cat
cards- hearts, spades, aces, clubs
good lord that is a long list
the white rabbit
mock turtle
bill the lizard
flamingo and the hedgehog ball
little oysters
rocking horse fly
humpty dumpty
the gryphon
elephant bees
maybe the white queen and the flowers

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Self Water Planter

I know your thinking not another plant related post, but its kewl I swear. This is a great way to recycle plastic milk jugs. Here is the link.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Recycled Mailers

Ok I don't know about the rest of ya'll , but I am trying to pinch pennies anyway I can. I mean with gas creeping to 4.00 a gallon here in Texas I need all the help I can get. I was looking for ways to recycled things around the house and I can across this site. Holy hell these are so easy to make. Here are some I made out of an old gamer magazine.

I used both a glue stick and rubber cement on mine. All in all I have to say the rubber cement works better. I glued 2 mag pages together and on some of them I noticed that the glue didn't hold them together. The next time I make them I'm using just rubber cement. The mailer can be a bit smelly from he rubber cement, but it will go away in a day or two.

Even thought this was rather labor intensive I will definitely do this again. I mean just think of all the junk mail you can recycling by doing this....humm I wonder if you can use plastic bags to make mailers........ Not to mention by doing this you can customize the size of your packages. I hate having to use a giant mailer for one tiny little thing. There is already a giant pile of mags and junk mail waiting to be neato mailers. I love breathing new life into things.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Millions of Peaches

Today's adventure began with a 10Lb box of peaches. I gave several away to my grandma and my aunt. So the question what to do with the rest......... So I went looking around for a recipe and I found this one

So I cut up all my peaches and put them in a pot with my fruit pectin.

After I boiled the hell out of it. I added all the sugar and boiled the hell out of it again.

It was all worth it in the end.

Just a warning to anyone who uses this recipe it is ULTRA sweet. I would recommend cutting the sugar down by like 2 cups. The next time I try this recipe that is my plan anyway.

As promised here are some pictures of my plants and one of the random cats that hangs out.

This is my front door plant. It just started blooming about 2 days ago.

These are my plumerias. They should be blooming by the end of next month. I'm a plant nut there I said it.

Yeah I finally have 2 tomatoes on my hanging Topsy Turvy plant. I hope these are the first of many, but we shall see.