Friday, July 4, 2008

Its a Note Pad

I was bored the other day and needed something to do. So I decided to make a little note pad for my friends hatchday. Here is my brief tutorial.


50 Sheets of paper (I used some old Monopoly money but any paper will do)

Clipboard (cut to match size of paper)

Rubber Cement

Craft Glue
Paper Binder Clips size small to medium

The Steps

1. Stack paper on top of clipboard.

2. Decide which end will be the top of the note pad. After deciding to keep everything nice and neato place the binding clips around the other 3 sides.

3. Apply a thin layer of rubber cement to the top of the pad and let dry. Repeat this 5 times.

4. Put a thick coat of craft glue on top of the rubber cement. Stand pad so the top is facing up and allow to dry overnight.
5. After pad dries completely you can now remove the binder clips.
There you have it one neato note pad.